Aku Kotkavuo



I am a software generalist from Helsinki, Finland. I’ve been working with software for most of my life. I practise writing about related topics here.

My open source projects include mpyq and jisho.


9 January 2018

👎 Not Recommended (1.5 hrs on record)

Gorgeous little game, which was over sooner than I thought. The 90 minutes I had with the game were great, but I expected more for the price.

So what's the problem? At the time of writing, this game costs 14,99 € for me on Steam. After buying and finishing the game on PC, I found out that the exact same game is also available from App Store for 5,49 € (which honestly feels like the more appropriate price). I can't come up with any reasonable reason for this discrepancy. I'm not going to ask for a refund, but I can't help but feel sour.

Price is a signaling mechanism. If the publisher feels like this work of art is worth 14,99 €, why not proudly sell it at that price point everywhere?