Aku Kotkavuo



I am a software generalist from Helsinki, Finland. I’ve been working with software for most of my life. I practise writing about related topics here.

My open source projects include mpyq and jisho.


3 December 2020

👍 Recommended (58.4 hrs on record)

Still really good after all these years. An essential purchase for any stealth fans, absolutely can't wait to dive into the DLC and rest of the series after finishing this.

Arkane Studios has become known for their really immersive games over the years, and Dishonored is where they perfected their craft. The level design is simply god-tier. There are so many ways to tackle the challenges in front of you. Another high point is audio; you can reliably use audio cues to get a sense of where people are. The story is gripping and you get drawn in right away. The graphics are just a little bit dated (this game uses Unreal Engine 3), but the art style is such that it holds up surprisingly well despite the years.

If you haven't played either Dishonored series or Prey, you owe it to yourself to buy this and give it a shot. All the games are often on sale together. Now is the perfect time to jump in before Arkane releases Deathloop.